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This label was founded in 1994 by Martin Archer and Mick Beck, and was initially the CD imprint for releases by their own many and various projects.  In recent years, the label has opened up to include works by a wide range of artists.   Limited in its scope only by the imagination of the musicians, the sounds to be found on the label vary between electronic rock music, free jazz, extended songform, improvised music, and other releases which simply cannot be categorised.  Please do spend some time browsing around our Bandcamp site and listening to the various music examples to be found here.

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USA commentator Darren Bergstein wrote:  “Multi-instrumentalist Archer has built a formidable catalogue that is genre-defying in similar ways to contemporaries ECM, Hubro, Sofa, Hat Hut, et al: ostensibly a ‘jazz label’ (which takes the very meaning of the word ‘jazz’ to heretofore unconsidered heights of stylistic fancy), Discus has long transcended such literal trappings which means that Archer uses it as a conduit to release whatever sonic muse he, and that of his fellow artists, begs to pursue. This has resulted in a broad and consistently marvellous array of work that bridges the divide between compositional rigor and improvisational abandon, whipping elements of each into a heady, ultimately bracing and wholly satisfying, stew”

Read a biography of Martin Archer by Duncan Heining.

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You can buy your CD or DL either direct from Discus Music or from Bandcamp. The prices and the postage charges are the same on both sites, but Bandcamp will charge you VAT on DL only purchases. Whichever site you choose, the DL element is delivered to your Bandcamp collection.

Discus pays a 10% commission to Bandcamp on sales there, but if you buy direct from Discus Music we get to keep 100% – which of course we prefer! But in the end, please buy from whichever site suits you best.