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Discus HWSQ3
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“Dynamism and daring ….. great, tense music” – Richard Cook, Sunday Times.

“Devastating power” – Arts Yorkshire.

“An uncanny combination of searing abstraction and roots” – Ben Watson , Wire.

“Some of the most engaged and engaging music currently being played in England” – John Fordham, Guardian.

Between 1983 and 1993, Hornweb was Archer’s principal music activity. The groups repertoire comprised straight ahead jazz, blues, abstract composition and free improvisation, all of which are represented on this third and final recording. According to the Penguin Guide to Jazz “Of the many sax only groups working in post – bop improvisation, Hornweb are the most demanding and in many ways the most satisfying. While standing remote from any of the traditional aspirations of the 29th Street or WSQ, their avant – garde techniques seen far less affected than ROVA ….. Their co-operative intensity moves toward a triumphant assertion of the group spirit over individual ego ….. An important document of a particular strand in the British improvising scene in recent years”.

Martin Archer – soprano saxophone
Derek Saw – alto and sopranino saxophones
Pete Lyons – tenor saxophone
Vic Middleton – baritone saxophone

Density Day
26CD - Hornweb
The Rosemary Songbook
Hornweb Sixteen


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