Martin Archer
88 Enemies
Discus 10CD
Available formats: CD/DL


“I think this is a fascinating record both for its proposition, application and listening quality” – Chris Cutler, ReR.


88 ENEMIES is a potentially infinite series of compositions which sound almost like contemporary piano music.

Martin Archer – digital piano & electronics.

These first eight parts,  conceived as a self-contained cycle, were composed and recorded between October 1996 and June 1997. Apart from the radio in part 5, the only sound  used is the Proteus grand piano. I’ve used filters and effects to transform this basic sound in some of the pieces, and multiple sequencers to  transform the playing. The title of the series describes my relationship with the keyboard. Inspiration came from the piano works of Stockhausen, Boulez, Cage, Feldman and Nancarrow. The beautiful works of art were painted by Abra Cadaver. Editing and balancing was by Charlie Collins.

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“A stark and uncompromising soundbed successfully pushing both elegance and turbulence to the same heights…..Quite a feat.” – Fourth Dimension.

“I think this is a fascinating record both for its proposition, application and listening quality” – Chris Cutler, ReR.

“As a user and creator of sound he is out on his own. It is that invention and boldness which makes 88 Enemies so rewarding” – Sheffield Telegraph.

“Interesting and engaging, a successful work of art.” – LaDonna Smith, Improvisor

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