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Complexities – A mix by Will McGiven
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Will McGiven is a Derby, UK based DJ known for his eclectic Constellations Radio Shows on every Friday. Will has DJ’d all over the UK as well as an appearance supporting the great Marcus Miller for the North Sea Jazz Festival at The Bird Club, Rotterdam.

Will has been a massive fan of the Discus label for many years now, proclaiming it to be “The most deep and diverse label anywhere on the planet”. His love of the label has inspired him to create this new mix – his second, following “Kindling” in 2020 – exclusively for the Discus label and its followers. The mix was recorded in one live take, straight off the cuff and no edits. He only uses his DJ software’s reverb, pitch slider and echo effects to create the unique sound scape presented here.

Special thanks go to Derby artist Walt Shaw for his wonderful accompanying art work entitled Sentient Creatures. Please check out all his superb work here:

Will’s mix also inspired Discus label musician and poet, Laura Cole, to write the wonderful poem to accompany the mix. A massive thanks goes out to Laura for this brilliant piece. All of Laura’s recent releases can be found on Discus Music.



These tracks are heard in the mix:

Laura Cole – sorrow and a beautiful blue butterfly
Alex Ward – Stilled
Beatrix Ward-Fernandez – Phase Four
Martin Pyne – Eidolon
Hervé Perez feat. Alexandru Hegyesi – bees’ dance
Eclectic Maybe Band – Liquid Tempo In A Lost Tempo
Martin Archer & Geraldine Monk – Carved in the heart
Tony Oxley – Chant-Quartet
Martin Archer – I’m Like Hello
Archer / Keeffe / Pyne – Earth Memory
Keith Tippett – The Monk Watches The Eagle – Part 3
Pat Thomas / The Locals – Composition 23g
de tian – Transcriptome 7
Martin Archer – For Olivier Messiaen and Vincent Crane
Walt Shaw – Sketch 2 – David Blackburn
frostlake – The Lake
James Mainwaring – Komorebi
Martin Archer – Spun Sugar Barbed Wire (feat. Julie Tippetts)
Martin Archer – Stockhausen Ascent!
Keith Tippett & Matthew Bourne – Sirocco
Laura Cole – Quantum – by Robert Mitchell
Tony Oxley – Sounds of the Soil
Inclusion Principle – Ornament of Light Pt 1

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Kindling - A mix by Will McGiven


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