Jim Tetlow & Walt Shaw
Cartography Of Dreams
Discus 139DL
Available formats: DL


“A polished album of electroacoustic improvisation – I particularly enjoyed the gamelan sounds of Canticle From the Crypts of Leiberkuhn and the buzzing reediness of Mycorrizhae.” – Rupert Loydell, INTERNATIONAL TIMES


Walt Shaw – Electronics, gongs, bowls, hand percussion, home-made instruments, drums
Jim Tetlow – Electronics, voice, guitar, radio, field recordings

Jim and Walt met in 2009 at the monthly Quadelectronic sessions run in the Quad Studios in Leicester by Chris Conway. This involved live group improvisations where several musicians collaborated in different combinations of players. Walt and Jim frequently used percussion along with electronics in their approach and the two just hit it off musically.

With the arrival of Covid and the lockdowns, Quadelectronic morphed into an online format in the United Isolation Ensemble, Jim acting as ‘mixmaster’ combining a broad diversity of submitted sonic material into finished pieces.  Again this has proved to be a rich wellspring for ideas and led to the start of the duo collaboration between Walt and Jim that has resulted in the album, The Cartography of Dreams.

In the album Walt used conventional percussion instruments (drums, bowls, gongs etc) along with his more unconventional, home-made instrumentation, often involving contact microphones. These were found objects, steel sheets, springs, fretsaw blades, taut wires, wire brushes, etc. Unlike most of his previous work, the sounds were further morphed and layered digitally. Sound files were then shared with Jim, who drew upon the body of his diverse recorded archive spanning three decades, blending found soundscapes of electronics and processed instruments and voices into twelve soundscapes of sonic abstraction.

Another shared realm of creativity which has most definitely helped shape their approach is the fact that both Jim and Walt are visual artists as well as musicians and perceive sound in similar visual forms, not quite synaesthetic, but nevertheless in that sensibility.


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