Volume 2
Discus 35DL
Available formats: DL

Randomworld Two was originally released in 2008 as a limited edition of 150 CDRs. Ableton randomisation parameters were used in order to shuffle the playing of the five musicians, whose recordings were split down into dozens of small files, so that each individually generated CDR version was unique.

This DL only re-release uses Martin Archer’s personal copy of the piece, and is considered a good representation of the edition as a whole.

For the avoidance of confusion – Randomworld Two uses completely different source material and a different line up to Randomworld One – it is not just a alternative version of the same material.

“Convinces as a compelling piece of electroacoustic music….its location of conventional acoustic instruments within a self-arranging digital framework producing moments of creeping insectoid menace that recede to intervals of pastoral reverie….recognising the capacity of the machine to create and direct, and the importance of the human element when it comes to spontaneous composition” – WIRE

Martin Archer – laptop, metronome, nightingales, sopranino saxophone.
Chris Bywater – astralis, EMS synthi A, processed moog ring mod guitar, dying guitar, processed electric violin, laptop running ableton, timestretch.
Charlie Collins – waterphone, drums.
Hervé Perez – close mic soprano saxophone.
UTT – turntables, vinyl tracing, processing.
Beatrix Ward-Fernandez – theremin,

Volume 1


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