Martin Archer
Ten Studies For Organ
Discus 76DL
Available formats: DL


“Electronic ragas and kosmische musik are, along with Canterbury prog rock, pervasive undercurrents in Archer’s varied output. Yet the scope of his appreciation is open and celbratory rather than partisan and polemical.” – JULIAN COWLEY, THE WIRE

“Ranging from limpid watery dabblings to futuristic squiggles….it’s a focused, serious and never less than entertaining release” – Daniel Spicer JAZZWISE  (review of original vinyl release)

Reissue of Martin’s solo organ release from 2001 – originally issued on limited edition vinyl through Audiolaceration. Dedicated to the significant (mainly) organists in my life.

Study number 1 – for Terry Riley
Study number 2 – for Hans Joachim Roedelius
Study number 3 – for Patrick Gleeson and Patrick Troughton
Study number 4 – for Mike Ratledge
Study number 5 (organ and voice) – for Karin Buerki
Study number 6 – for Markus Popp
Study number 7 – for Tom Waits
Study number 8 – for Olivier Messiaen and Vincent Crane
Study number 9 – for Hans Joachim Irmler
Study number 10 – for Galina Ustvolskaya and Phil Spector

Martin Archer – Oberheim OB3 organ, Sherman, Peavey and Electrix filters, Zoom effects racks.

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