Organza Ray
Circle of Kiono
Discus 9006DL
Available formats: DL

Organza Ray

Hilary Jeffery – trombone, trumpet, melodica
Eleni Poulou – synthesizer, melodica
Hayden Chisholm – alto sax, pūtōrino, harmonica, penny whistle
Simon Rose – baritone sax

Recorded at Berlintune Studio in December 2023 and January 2024
Edited and mixed by Hilary Jeffery
Produced by Hilary Jeffery and Eleni Poulou

forming a circle of kiono during the winter solstice the ancient pattern spring was brought into the future by breath causing oxygen alarm

we asked and another call answered then held us tight into a breath which visited waited and linked us all within the circle

A fascinating work from ex-Fall synthesist Poulou working with Keith Tippett alumnus and multi instrumental brass player Jeffery working under the name Organza Ray – and joined here by two additional reeds in a series of slowly unfolding improvised soundscapes..


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