Anthropology Band
Anthropology Band
Discus 90CD
Available formats: 2xCD/DL

“Five stars. Again a creative project by Martin Archer. In this double CD, first a set (CD A) and then a wind orchestra (CD B) are active, playing the “same” music, the same songs. And so we can have two versions in one fell swoop: a great idea, ambitious and winning. The style is towards electric Miles, progressive rock, and, on some tracks, improvised modern jazz. Wide and open structures, imbued with a beautiful blues feeling, which allow those who find the inspiration to assert their expressiveness.” – A G Bertinetto, KATHODIK

Taking the electric music of Miles Davis as its starting point, Anthropology Band is about finding the atmosphere through a deep rhythm, a searing blues run, a delicate melody, or a cascading solo statement. Band leader Martin Archer has kept the music as simple as possible – often driven by the bassline – and the structures loose, to enable this who’s who of UK creative musicians to let the music breathe in a different way each time it is played. There are multiple chordal instruments in the centre of the sound, allowing each soloist to sit on a kaleidoscopic wave of intercrossing figures which push the music forward.

Martin Archer – saxophones, electronics, composer
Charlotte Keeffe – trumpet, flugelhorn, arranger
Chris Sharkey – guitar, electronics
Pat Thomas, keyboards, electronics
Corey Mwamba – vibraphone
Dave Sturt – bass guitar
Peter Fairclough – drums


Kim Macari – trumpet
George Murray – trombone
Ben Higham – tuba
Mick Somerset – concert, alto and bass flutes, piccolo
Nathan Bettany – oboe and cor anglais
James Mainwaring – soprano saxophone
Hannah Brady – alto saxophone
Riley Stone-Lonergan – tenor saxophone
Alicia Gardener-Trejo – baritone saxophone

155CD cover
Anthropology Band
Scald - Live 2022


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