Discus HWSQ2
Available formats: DL


Martin Archer – woodwind
Derek Saw – woodwind
Nigel Manning – woodwind
Vic Middleton – woodwind

Charlie Collins – woodwind
Tom Spears – trumpet
Pete Lyons – tenor saxophone
Neil Carver – electric guitar
John Jasnoch – electric guitar
John Hanlon – electric guitar
Richard Parrott – electric guitar
Mary Schwarz – viola
Tim Cole – cello
Paul Shaft – double bass
Jo Cammack – xylophone
Pete Infanti – drums

The second Hornweb album – dubbed from unplayed vinyl and remastered for DL by Dean Honer. This time round the band made a series of studio based compositions and drafted in 12 additional players, used in various combinations. 16 players in total – hence the name of the album. Originally released in 1987 on Archer’s Ladder label – the forerunner of Discus Music. Recorded with financial assistance from the Arts Council.

None of the pieces on this album – some of which are very ambitious compositions for larger groups and some of which were studio constructs – were ever performed live. It’s very interesting to compare them with what was happening generally on the British jazz scene at the time, and the AACM influence is very strong on some of the tracks.

Vinyl sold out, available now as DL only.

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The Rosemary Songbook
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