The Das Rad Collection

Adios Al Futuro  DISCUS94CD
Laik Tors DISCUS119CD

As a prime mover in the Sheffield improv scene, Martin Archer has played with a great number of musicians and is constantly exploring new combinations. In 2016, having played with both Nick Robinson and Steve Dinsdale individually, he originally put this trio together with the idea of exploring a “motorik” vein.

Steve’s relentless drumming (and occasional keyboards) providing a basis for Nick’s guitar motifs / loops and Martin’s soaring woodwind & keyboards to interact and explore the sonic and atmospheric possibilities. Recently, we expanded our line-up with Jon Short on bass, (who shines on “Veer”) and Peter Rophone on vocals.

Described in a recent review – “a pure heavenly euphoria, to put simply, astounding. Progressive music in the truest sense of the term, transcending the oft-clichéd sobriquet ‘prog’. They walk in the footsteps of the rock/jazz/fusion gods of the 70s but make their imprints deeper, more unshapely, and longer-lasting. Ears be blown here, folks. Godlike.” 

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Das Rad  
What is so intriguing about the music here is the way that it takes a set of musical styles, immerses itself in their history and then invents an entirely new direction that these styles could have taken.  There is an odd sense that you are listening to music recorded at some point in the 70s, or 80s, or 90s but equally something that is entirely contemporary.

Adios Al Futuro 
A far-out space odyssey energized by post-millennial tensions, and, politics aside, this is a record for the times, the endtimes, and the ages. Ears be blown here, folks.

Laik Tors 
An album that perfectly illustrates the kind of flamboyant and strangely captivating magic that avant-garde progressive music possesses when it fiercely and intelligently explores its eclectic potential. Very, very highly recommended this album.

The emotional level through compositions is capable of sudden and passionate outbursts, moments of profound tension and restlessness, as well as unexpected sweetness in evoking confused, distant emotions. Fantastic album.

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